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  • The students who have passed the Karnataka Pre-University Board Examination or any other examination recognized by the Board and accepted as equivalent to PUC by the Mangalore University, are eligible for admission to the Degree Courses.
  • Every Candidate for admission must be introduced in person by the one who will be responsible, to the Principal for his/ her studies and conduct.
  • No Candidate shall be admitted except on application in the prescribed form signed by the parent / guardian. Actual admissions will be made by the Principal after personal interview.
  • The Candidates coming from other states shall produce Migration Certificate from their respective state and Eligibility Certificate from Mangalore University.
  • Application forms and College Prospectus are available in the College office between 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.
  • The forms must be filled completely and then registered in the office with Rs. 100/- within a week of the announcement of the PUC results by the Karnataka Board.
  • Submit the application form at the earliest along with the marks. Do not wait for the Origional Marks Card.
  • The College office will not take responsibility of posting forms to anyone. Forms returned by post will not be accepted unless accompained by DD/ Postal order for Rs. 100/-.
  • All admissons made are Provisional and they are subject to the approval of Mangalore University.
  • The candidates withdrawing from the college after their admission will have to forego all fees paid by them. If a student's name is on the rolls of the college for any part of a term they will be required to pay the fee for entire year.
  • The mere registration of the application at the college office is no guarantee of selection for admission.
  • Admission for any course is made for one academic year only. Student will be re-admitted to the next class in the subsequent academic year on the basis of their progress, conduct and regularity in attendance during the previous year.
  • When the PUC board announces the results you will submit the application form and come for interview in person to complete all the formalities of admission.
Documents Required
  • II PUC original marks card and a Photostat copy of the same
  • S.S.L.C. original marks card and a Photostat copy of the same
  • Transfer certificate in original from the institution last attended (Original);
  • Conduct certificate from the head of the institution last studied (Original),
  • Eligibility Certificate from Mangalore University, Migration and pass certificate for students coming from other states;
  • Two passport size photographs and one stamp size photograph (colour);
  • Cast certificate / Income certificate in the prescribed form (for those who take fee Concession, original and Xerox copy);
  • Cast certificate by the SC/ ST/ BT candidates.
To Parents
  • Students once admitted to the college are encouraged to imbibe the spirit of Carmel College and to aim at attaining the benefits of good education. The College places the responsibility on the parents to familiarize themselves with the Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives and the Code of Conduct laid by the College, in the Calendar. They are exhorted to guide their wards to follow the rules and regulations of the college.
  • The student is a representative of College standards in matters and deportment. With regard to dress, norms of simplicity, modesty and propriety are kept in mind. Any dress worn must be simple, modest and sufficiently loose. Parents will be held responsible to see that their wards follow the norms laid down in the matter of dress. Wearing college uniform is compulsory on all working days.
  • Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with the members of the staff look upon education of the students as a joint endeavour.
  • Parents are alerted to take note of the fact that the students will not be permitted to appear for the exam if the student has shortage of attendance.

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